About Us

The Story  of Australian Toilejennyjacks

My inspiration for Australian-themed toiles came from the beautiful French designs that Marie-Antoinette made so fashionable. These toiles became popular across Europe and have been a constant part of interior design since then.

Toiles have been frequently used by designers in the U.S.A., not just for their decorative appeal but also for their historic interest and patriotic appeal.

With Australian Toile I want to show the physical beauty of Australia – images of its landscapes, trees, flowers and animals that are so evocative of “home” to all of us. Our flora and fauna is unique and lends itself to beautiful artistic interpretation.

Toiles also tell stories about people and places and these designs will remind us of our history, the past struggles and challenges in this country.

Through these pictorial stories the typical Australian qualities of independence, loyalty and humour can be seen in the outback, in sport and in our daily lives.

My dream is that these fabrics and wallpapers will find their way into our homes. I hope that these familiar Australian images will live on in our lives and in our children’s lives to re-inforce our national identity and way of life.